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"..Supermarket Smarty is a fabulous tool for stocking a healthful kitchen..I also think it could be an excellent resource for creating a meal plan." - Jill Hively, Registered Dietician


Keep Your Pantry Fully Stocked!

✔ Organize Your Shopping ✔ Keep Your List & Coupons Together ✔ Shop Faster & Save Money!
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  • meal planner
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Shop Smart, Eat Healthy

Colorful symbols help you identify the item's nutritional benefits:

✔ High Fiber Foods
✔ Heart Healthy Omega-3's
✔ Energy Boosting Whole
grains ✔ Good Fats & more!
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Eating Right with Supermarket Smarty

Healthful eating is a priority for busy parents who want the very best for their families. Everyone may be on the go, but that doesn't mean your family's nutrition has to be short-changed.

The perfect tool for nutrition-conscious meal planners.

To eat right, your kitchen needs to be stocked with nutritious & wholesome ingredients. Supermarket Smarty is an ingenious reusable organizer that clips on your refrigerator so it's exactly where you need it when you're ready to plan the week's meals.

Everything you need is Already Listed.

There are sections for dairy, deli, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish; all the most commonly purchased items. Colorful symbols are listed next to many of the foods to help you identify the item's nutritional benefits. When you're ready to go food shopping, simply unclip your Supermarket Smarty and bring it with you to the store.

3 reasons to rely on Supermarket Smarty:

1. More efficient meal planning: Simply list the meal you plan to make and check off the ingredients necessary to prepare it.
2. Better Nutrition: Foods packed with vitamins, high in fiber or rich in omega-3 fatty acids are easily identified, guiding you in making smart choices.
3. Save Money: Being prepared results in real supermarket savings. There's even a pocket to store and carry your coupons.